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Embracer Group has acquired a baker's dozen of gaming companies, including the developers of Phoenix Point, Shadow Warrior, Redout, and Pinball FX.

Embracer Group Acquires 13 Different Game Companies

Embracer Group, otherwise known as the corporation that owns THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, and several other publishers, has acquired 13 additional gaming companies this morning. The group is known for its rapid expansion in the gaming industry, starting off in earnest in 2014 as it acquired many of the remnants of the defunct THQ via a bankruptcy sale. From there, Embracer Group has picked up steam, and what was once a single publishing house has turned into six divisions, namely, THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, Deep Silver, DECA Games, Coffee Stain, and Amplifier Game Invest.

Before today's acquisitions, Embracer was already one of the most expansive publishers in the industry. It's focused on filling gaps that other studios have left open, including nostalgic retreads of games from previous generations, nonstandard sports experiences, and strategy games that have fallen by the wayside over the years. Its strategy is also seemingly about pure IP and content acquisition, similar to Microsoft Game Studios rounding out its own first-party output with the acquisition of Bethesda earlier this year.

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As part of their financial earnings call earlier today, Embracer Group announced the acquisition of 13 additional gaming companies, including 12 studios and one PR firm. The main focus of this round of deals seems to be buffing up Saber Interactive's part of the company. It now controls 34BigThings (RedoutSuper Inefficient Golf), Mad Head Studios (Adam Wolfe), Nimble Giant Entertainment (Quantum LeagueChampions of Regnum), and Zen Studios (Pinball FXCastleStorm). Saber also now controls Sandbox Strategies, one of the top gaming PR companies in the industry.

Thrilled to announce that Snapshot Games is joining forces with Embracer Group (@embracergroup) & the world-class team at Saber Interactive (@TweetsSaber).

We look forward to developing and expanding the Phoenix Point universe and creating new IP for many years to come. https://t.co/ZGbv9QcXQt

— Phoenix Point (@Phoenix_Point) November 18, 2020

In perhaps the biggest acquisition out of the bunch, Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog was acquired by Koch Media/Deep Silver. The developer has four games currently in development, with all indications that existing projects like Shadow Warrior 3 will continue under their existing partnerships. THQ Nordic brings in Purple Lamp Studios, the team behind the highly successful remake of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.

Embracer itself bought shares in three companies, including QA firm Quantic Lab and Coffee Strain subsidiary Coffee Stain North. It also acquired Snapshot Games, the studio run by XCOM creator Julian Gollop. Snapshot will continue to run independently under the Saber business unit. The numbers are rounded up by the acquisition of A Thinking Ape and Iugo Mobile Entertainment by Embracer's Deca Game mobile unit and Silent Games, which has a project scheduled for release in 2023.

It's hard to develop patience for companies like Embracer Group in today's gaming industry, especially when the biggest and best games take so long to develop. However, when looked at objectively, its strategy is very forward-thinking. It has developed a network of studios that can produce games at the pace of a Netflix in the world of film, and that's the pace that will be required in a future ruled by subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, the company's deep IP library will be easy to exploit in a model like the one Ubisoft and EA currently employs, setting its games apart in a separate tier like an HBO or Showtime. Nothing the company does has been overly flashy, but it's slowly becoming one of the true powerhouses when it comes to game publishing.

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