Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Addresses Derrick Fight & Casting Rumors

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Big Brother 22: All-Stars' Nicole Franzel opened up about her fight with Derrick Levasseur and the casting rumors that she got him off the season.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars finalist Nicole Franzel has now opened up about her current fight with Derrick Levasseur and those casting rumors that she got him kicked off the season. In order to fully understand the drama that is happening between Nicole and Derrick, it is helpful to look back at the BB22 pre-season speculation. Back then, many casting rumors were going around about who would or wouldn't be on the upcoming All-Stars season. At the time, a conspiracy theory came up about Nicole allegedly crying to production to get cast on the show. As the theory goes, Nicole's alleged crying also managed to get Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling kicked out of the cast.

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It is important to remember that Big Brother 22 was very delayed due to CBS' concerns with the rising COVID-19 health pandemic. At one point, the network didn't even know if a new season of the show would be possible to happen this year at all. The producers eventually did figure out how to do this All-Stars edition with all the proper safety measures in place, but that didn't stop the fans - and even some former BB players - from going all out on the casting speculation. When the rumor came up that Nicole had cried her way into being cast and had kicked out Derrick and Dan in the process, alumni like BB8 winner Evel Dick Donato jumped on the theory. Derrick also shared a post that seemed to hint that this theory was true.

Now, Nicole Franzel is ready to talk about those Big Brother: All-Stars casting rumors and explain just how she feels about her BB16 co-star Derrick Levasseur after all these years. On the latest episode of the Coco Caliente podcast, Nicole flat-out denied those casting rumors involving her, Derrick, and Dan. She said that both Derrick and Dan did get invited, but from what she knows, they themselves decided not to go on the season in order to take care of their families and other business endeavors. It should be pointed out that Cody did confirm that Derrick chose to back out on BB22. Also, Memphis has gone on record to say that Dan didn't want to compete again on the show. Nicole then revealed that Derrick allegedly called her and interrogated her about whether or not she'd do All-Stars, and that he tried to convince her that she shouldn't take that risk as a former winner.

When it comes to her assumed friendship with Derrick, Nicole was quick to say that she always had trust issues with Derrick due to how he played the game on Big Brother 16. On the podcast, she said that Derrick was indeed calling people around to figure out who was or wasn't on the season. But Nicole said that she lied to Derrick (and to everyone else that called her) about being cast on the show. She revealed that it was this lie that made Derrick very angry with her and started their ongoing feud. Nicole ultimately thinks that what really bothered Derrick was that she also lied to him about getting cast on BB18, and had promised that she'd never do that to him again.

It seems like Nicole's Big Brother 22: All-Stars dramas all started before she even set foot in the house. Nonetheless, the fans only caught wind of it after the season ended.

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Sources: Coco Caliente podcast


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